NNU Payment Criteria; A Crucial Update on Your Earnings Recently Made

NNU Payment Criteria.

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We are writing this review as a result of many questions and search terms we have received on the terms of the NNU Payment Criteria to their participants as many people are getting scammed by the NNU income program.

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So, if you are seeing this now, yo might be searching Goggle to know how to withdraw your NNU income program earnings, or you are searching for the NNU Payment Criteria, or how best to collect my NNU earnings which will never be paid out.

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It is really funny how several NNU participants recently have not got paid without any viable reason for this mishap as the day keep advancing into weeks, and weeks into months.

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Just before we wrote this article, a comment came in our comment section for the previously written article on “You must refer to get your payment on NNU” stating that upon referring one user, the program have not yet paid him as well so he is thinking of referring two users now as did we mention on the article we write about the minimum referrals to get before you can get paid.

  • Just listen to this…
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If you did not get paid by the NNU income program recently, then it must be as a result of the reasons we are about to share with you below as we did find out several new updates made by the referral program.

But before we proceeded with this review, we would like to point out the mindless behavior of certain bloggers who wrote about the NNU income program and earned a chunk of the referral earnings as the time the program was legit than now.

Why did these blogs not update on the bad sides of the referral program as it was no longer what we saw it to be before this time as several people get scammed by the program everyday just as an anonymous reader commented in our comment section of the previously published article on “You must refer to earn in NNU income program”.

Well, we suppose they still do earn a chunk of the referral earnings when new people who have not heard about the program for the first time registers.

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This is why we here @Blogincomes.com.ng give out wicked reviews not to favor anyone as the comfort of our readers is our number one priority, and we will strive well to provide that.

Having said that, let us look at the several changes on the NNU Payment Criteria recently;

  • The NNU income program do not pay for reading news anymore

You can see the money roll in as you read news, share posts (Sponsored) and also comment on posts but the problem is when it comes to making or placing a withdrawal of your earnings, you will start seeing stories that touch the heart.

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You will be asked to refer at least two people to be able to withdraw your news reading and comment generated earnings of which we are confident enough that you will never get paid even upon referring two people or better still a hundred participants.

Refer to the comment made by our contributor in the post about “You must refer to withdraw your earnings son NNU income program”

So we guess that this is quite a lesson for the still to come participants as any registration on the platform now is at your own risk and not backed up by the Blogincomes.com.ng recommendation for refer and earn programs.

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  • The NNU income program do not pay for referrals again even upon 100 referrals

This is funny but true at the same time.

You will never be paid for the referrals  you bring in recently even if they are up to a hundred as you will continue to hear stories from the administrators when you must have placed your withdrawal bid on the referral earnings you must have made from the program.

So what use is this if I must ask?

This program have gone to become a bad idea as several people are now putting their hands in their back for it. Check the last time you saw an NNU sponsored post appear on facebook.

  • The NNU income program payment criteria just gone vague

It seems just as good as the old times that some referral programs just gets obsolete and just die off.

The NNU income program have just became too obsolete and just about to die off as their promise to their participants are not just getting to them as they did promised them and this is quite giving everyone and the participants as well a very concerned mind.

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We have seen these things happen and we do not want you to be seen as a victim of circumstance so we do advise you take our word and keep off the program for your own good.

  • The NNU income program just got disorganized

This is easy as you can agree with me that the NNU income program just got disorganized as several people who have been in the program are now complaining if the low quality of service and also the delay in responding to customers emails and support that they have seriously lacked.

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If you are an NNU income program participant, just send them an email regarding support and see how long it will take to get answered.

  • The NNU income program just turned scam

Since the NNU income program couldn’t line up to their promise ad expectation and also withhold payments to people, they could only be explained as a scam.

When a participant requests payment and didn’t get paid for some flimsy excuses I suppose that is a scam.

  • So, can we wrap up

Joining the NNU income program for now is a no do for anyone who can understand how the process works. Stay calm for now and watch things unfold, but untill then, you can join our number one recommended refer and earn program which is the payglobal.com.ng.

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You can read the full review of the payglobal.com.ng here.

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