NNU Income Program Review: The Top Earning Method For Users Exposed

NNU income program review;

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First things first, I know you need money as much as I do, as a student or a businessman so do not get this review wrong when I focused it on how to make money alone.

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This is the first time we are dropping a review about these kinds of programs and our team of pro writers is going to make this a top-notch review for you.

Why we are writing this article;

You see, for what is worth, we decided to put up this article as a result of certain lies and uncertainties which are with the NNU income program review in Nigeria.

When I say lies I mean when websites which write reviews about NNU income program review do not tell you exactly what you’re up against and how best to make the money come in.

They simply do go ahead and tell you to;

  • Signup for the program with #1,600
  • Login daily
  • Comment on posts
  • Share sponsored post
  • And lastly, do refer people

Funny thing is; they will focus on the first four stated above and never much on the last one and this is where the trick comes in.

Ever asked yourself why this is so?

Sure you didn’t. So let’s get down to knowing why.

Believe me, I wasn’t surprised when a pro blogger Prosper Noah leveled out a top notch review on this same topic; NNU income program review where he focused on discussing the whole part of the program but we ain’t gonna do that here.

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Note: here @blogincomes.com.ng, we do not mislead our readers and we give them the best and this is apparently why today we will be sharing the basic income area of the NNU income program.

Everyone does tell you that you can register on NNU income program and make as much as #50,000 monthly but I suppose you never cared to ask them how exactly.

This will bring us to the question, how much can I make with NNU income program.

So, how much can you really make as an NNU income program participant?

Frankly, you can make as little as #1,500 monthly or #1,800 monthly or #5,000 monthly or as huge as #50,000 monthly.

These income stated above are only based on an approach to the program.

Let’s say you approached the program the wrong way, you will make from #1,500 – #5,000 monthly but if you had the right approach to it, you can be making as much as #50,000 monthly.

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A quick headstart: If you’re an NNU income program user that generates income through commenting on posts and also daily logins and equally sharing sponsored posts, you will end up making the same money you registered with.

It would be a bigger shame if you subscribed for #1,500 worth of data.

You could be making your monthly subscription fee from there.

  • But here is what the big sharks in NNU income program do.

They just refer.

But before we go into the details with the above said, let us look at the right approach to NNU income program earning.

How best to earn on NNU income program

Of every earning process in the NNU income program, there is one that pays most which is REFERRING USERS.

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When you get a person to signup under you, you can make a good amount of #1,000 per completed signup.

I wouldn’t like to lie here, it takes a long work and a hard work to get a signup under you but I didn’t say its impossible.

You can contact us to help increase your signups.

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Let’s assume you were able to get 50 persons to signup through your link, you’re making a cool sum of #50,000 and someone else who reads posts, shares sponsored posts and comments on them plus daily login fee struggles to make #5,000 a month.

So why the lie?

The reason we are writing this review is to show you the one true way to make a good income stream from NNU income program.

Notwithstanding sharing this information, there will be certain persons who will stick to commenting on the news, sharing sponsored posts and daily login fee and this is as a result of something.

Let’s see the three key reasons why NNU income program participants do not go for the referral program

  • Small or no traffic (Simply put, no one to sell to or convince to buy).
  • No website (Where to host their reviews and insert their links)
  • Lack of the referral knowledge
  • Lack of fund to promote their affiliate links through PPC advertising

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If you ever fell into the category stated above, then contact us and we can help you.

Wouldn’t it be inhumane of me to say all this without telling you how best to promote your affiliate link?

For those ones who already signed up but couldn’t bring people to signup through their affiliate links, here is your salvation:

  • Write a top notch review in your website (Or find a website to host your review if you don’t have a website)
  • Place your affiliate links in texts and make sure you place them smartly
  • Create a Facebook page if you don’t have one
  • Create a Facebook ad and make sure your target audience is Nigeria
  • Place your target to lead and not just website traffic or conversion as I assume you’re trying to generate leads or sales
  • Make sure you funded your ad account with at least $20
  • Filter your audience so you can get the least possible CPC and also the specified audience that needs your offer here in Nigeria.
  • Set your ads live and wait for approval
  • Once approved, wait to see the leads coming in
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If you wouldn’t know how to do this, we can help you set it up for as low as $10.

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So what to take home?

As stated in the introduction of this post, we tried explaining why we are writing this which is not basically to explain every part of NNU income program review but to educate our readers on how best to make money with this program and avoid making peanuts from there.

So, as a result, we focused on the referral part of this program and overlooked every other side.

Wrap up

Some persons who participate in NNU income program do make a huge amount of income from there while some do not.

This is simply because some persons work hard while some others work smart.

With this detailed guide above, I suppose you can work smart and not work hard for peanut payouts.

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