Google Adsense Program Policy Updated. For Websites Moderation Before Showing Ads Explained


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So quite frankly, I woke up to some questions in my mailbox from my Honest and Dedicated readers asking to know about the new Google AdSense policy of thoroughly reviewing every single website individually when an already approved AdSense code is placed on it before showing an ad on the said website.

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At first, I got pissed off but on a second thought, I decided to approach this issue in all nice angle and don’t sound too awkward.

So before I give out an answer to this question, I would like to advise you all about something…

You should know who and who you ask certain questions about AdSense and not all these newbies that cannot fix their ad.tx file issue and website verification having them ruin everything for you by telling you what they don’t even know.

So, I sought to say…

If the above mentioned was true, that is to say,

  • An AdSense account assigned to a website it was approved with has to be used by that website and that website only
  • A new website has to undergo the same process as if it was applying for AdSense account afresh if an already approved AdSense code is placed in it
  • The former websites that use AdSense ads that were not approved with them have to stop displaying ads as a result of this new update (If it were ever true)
  • If this happened, then I personally wouldn’t be able to have my ads placed on several websites I do work with (I got them placed on these websites just recently)
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Funny thing is, I never heard of this new development before I got my ads placed on my newly created WordPress websites

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In a bid to explain these lies better to those that contacted me, I decided to let you know the reasons the newbies thought that Google AdSense has initiated single website moderation before showing ads on them.

  • WordPress users didn’t fix their ad.txt file issue

Several WordPress users didn’t need to know much about WordPress as it has been proven to be easy that anyone can create a website and actually make money with it using WordPress (Gone are the days of PHP and MySQL).

So in this view, anyone can assume anything and make several people believe their point of view.

Though all are newbies in the blogosphere.

Actually, the issue of ad.txt file in WordPress can make you actually not see your AdSense ads being displayed in the website it has been placed on and this might have triggered the feeling of single website moderation by these AdSense publishers.

If you might allow me to make a suggestion here;

Go back to your AdSense and treat your ad.txt file issue using the ad.txt plugin in WordPress and get this over with.

Download the ad.txt file solution plugin here.

  • Website not verified in AdSense allowed sites
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When you’re using either a WordPress or a blogger website and your website is verified in AdSense list of verified sites, what do you think will happen?

At the first stage of implementing the ads on your website, your website will never display the Google AdSense ads unless you went to your AdSense account and verified your sites in the AdSense verified sites.

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This will also help you avoid loss in revenue accumulated for the month.

Other reasons which can include;

  • Website domain being blacklisted by Google (Solve here)
  • Website banned from Adsense program
  • Certain pages violated Google Adsense rules and Ad serving on those pages have been suspended

I hope I am clear enough on this?

But, I thought of something, how bad would it seem I wrote this without enough proof to back me up as per my claim on this?

So, I decided to bring up every Google Update websites and show you the links for further reading if you happened to disprove of what I said just now.

Here are Google update links to check;

Finally, you can still prove this to yourself by;

  • Buying an AdSense account from our trusted seller
  • Creating a new website
  • Place the AdSense ads on the new website
  • Solve your ad.txt file issue for WordPress users
  • Verify your website in Google AdSense list of verified sites
  • Wait for an hour and view back to see your ads live
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For the last times I checked, everything was working good and fine with AdSense so, I wouldn’t know where anyone would come out from to say what doesn’t exist with the Google AdSense team.

If any modifications were made, I suggest you must know about them the right way and you will see the effect inside your own AdSense accounts and not some random updates by some persons who never knew how AdSense works.

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There is no new update by Google about single website moderation before getting approved to display ads on them, and by the way, why would anyone say what Google AdSense team didn’t say just because he is a newbie?

And funny enough people believed the assertion.

That’s a shame though.

Wrapping up

If you ever felt like anything was not the way it should be with your website, best advised, find webmasters to assist the situation than leveling blames on Google AdSense for a simple mistake you’re making by yourself.

If this information was clear enough, you should always refer to it than letting yourself make the mistakes of following the bandwagon and getting crashed as everyone else gets crashed.

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