Paid Surveys in Nigeria 2019; Are They Really Worth Your Time?

Paid surveys in Nigeria 2019

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In nearly all cases I have seen dated back from 2013 till date, most make money online platforms in Nigeria have proven to be fake and as a result, the paid surveys in Nigeria 2019 cannot be an exception to this fact.

I have not entirely placed my online income on my websites earnings and Ads revenue, so I try several other different things to keep a little chunk of income coming in and this was how I made about $100 on Capterra writing reviews and also $25 on G2Crowd writing reviews too.

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Currently, I am exploring the Gartner Peer insight and also Mouthshut and I will be writing a review about them sooner.

Now, if you are an online maniac like me, you would have explored more ways to make money online than I actually have and these ways are seemingly legit when it has to concern the tier 1 countries but here in Nigeria, it is always a different story.

I have worked with surveyjunkie, swagbucks, inboxdollars, prizerebels and global test market and I have gotten my payments fast and when due. God thing here is that you can get to make at least $50 monthly from either of these paid surveys in Nigeria 2019 as there aren’t only surveys to choose from, there are several ways to make money as a participant of these paid surveys in Nigeria 2019.

You could even invite friends and also play games to make money as a survey participant.


In the same light, I have been a participant of different paid online surveys in Nigeria for sometime and I have wholesomely regretted my joining them.

Besides, I wasn’t looking out to make a good income from them as they pay a few cents per survey and the surveys comes either twice or three times a month.

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Funny enough, these Nigerian online surveys could not make one up to $10 in a whole year.

If you have had the mindset to make money online through Nigerian online surveys, then I invite you to understand that you might be mistaken. Or you can join the above stated survey sites in the USA.

Simply put, paid surveys in Nigeria 2019 to make money with is not worth your time and efforts in any way and here are the reasons I said so.

  • You will be scammed

Yes, you will be scammed as a participant.

Initially, you may be told to take a survey that will last for 25 minutes on Mobrog maybe to be paid $1 or less, you will gladly run to them and get started but on the long run, you will get to notice that you have been cut off from the survey when you have exhausted about 22 minutes with them for reasons they cannot tell you.

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Sometimes you will experience server downtime and when you try to refresh, you will have no survey to take and when to your survey invitation link, it will be a bad or used link.

So to say the link was used by you.

They have taken the necessary information they needed from you and pushed you away without paying you but in a pleasant way so you will not get to say that anything went bad on their own side.

This has happened to me more than three times and they kept sending me invites to participate in further Paid surveys but I bluntly declined them.

  • Payment is something way beyond too poor

Is there any word you know that could be used instead of (Beyond poor?)

If yes, that is the word they do need here.

The payment that these Nigerian online survey websites do offer is something to worry about. You get to be paid something far below $1 for a survey that will last for 25 minutes.

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Sometimes I do wonder if they are really just being stupid or what?

I received an online survey request today from two of these online survey websites and the amounts I was told I would be paid after the survey which I knew I could never finish.

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Here it is below;

paid surveys in Nigeria 2019
Blogincomes camera
paid surveys in Nigeria 2019
Blogincomes Camera

I knew I will not get paid so I was just going to waste my time if I took the survey.

  • You will not and never complete your surveys

Yeah you read that line well.

They will never allow you to complete your survey as you will always receive errors that the web page is having server downtime anytime you are too close to getting finished with your surveys.

By this, they will take off the meaningful sides of your surveys and of course they will present you with the needed questions from the beginning and the questions in the end will not matter to them that much and this is why yo will get the error when you are almost close to finishing up your survey.

This is another red flag that makes these online surveys not worth your time in Nigeria.

  • Low number of surveys per month

The most you surveys you can receive in a whole month is just 3 surveys and each of these pays below $1 or at most, $1.

Taking this into consideration, you may be making only $15 or less in one year from these survey websites.

Now, the question is, who would rule out almost 3 hours of their time daily to do what fetches them only $15 per year?

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Guess that would be no one.

This is another bad side of Nigerian paid online surveys that you may want to know before you joined them.

  • With-holds payments

Aside the low potential of earnings, your payments gets with held in these survey websites and when you request them, they will ignore your request and proceed like nothing happened.

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If you try their support email, they will not reply you or worst they will say they are on it.

The time for processing of your penny payment can take up to a month which is what no one ever wanted from anyone he/she is working for.

So here, you find out that you do not just loose your time to nonsense, you also lost the money you thought you made from them.

  • There are no ways to increase or maximize earnings

While taking surveys online on websites like surveyjunkie, swagbucks, inboxdollars, prizerebels and several others, there are several ways t maximize earnings which ranged from doing some other jobs on the survey website and also, inviting friends and family to partake.

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Here, in Nigerian survey websites, you do not get any additional way to increase your earnings, but you only get to keep the earnings the way they are and never get an increase with them.

Even when yo invite people to take part in them, you are still loosing as they will not be consistent and they will loose interest quite sooner.

My verdict…

I do strongly recommend using websites like G2Crowd, Capterra, Gartner peer insight to make money online in your free time or better still, you can make use of surveyjunkie, swagbucks, inboxdollars, prizerebels and several other USA survey websites but to do this, you will need to apply VPN (A very good one at that) because they can easily detect a bad VPN or a poor VPN.

I have made over $250 writing reviews in my own free time online and I do not see why you cannot or should not do so too.

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Get on it, stay on it and make money online in your free time.