3 Best Google Ads Placements and Types to Fetch you Best Revenue as a Blogger (For WordPress Users)

Generating good and handsome revenue from Google Adsense must warrant you to leverage the best Google Adsense placements techniques and the spots at which ads strive to perform the most and also draw the most of visitors into clicking on them.

This is why Google itself developed some heatmaps to guide bloggers and webmasters to know where best to place their ads on their respective websites so as to leverage good income.

Sometimes when we see several websites, we see they have their Adsense ads displaying in the wrong sides and in the wrong size and also the wrong ads types being displayed in different places.

Let’s take an example here:

Link ads are supposed to Appear under post title but sometimes we noticed they appeared inside posts and this makes it look awkward.

Also link ads talks more about what your post title speaks about and the minimal level to have the link ads is four places. Some publishers go ahead to make it appear up to ten times and at this point, the link ads start speaking off point and may annoy your readers.

Having explained this, let’s move further with our explanations.

We are here @blogincomes.com.ng to explain in details tried and proven Adsense placement strategies that will work for every blogger.

Note: we believe that this ads placements will work extensively for your website revenue generation as we have tested it and it proves fruitful during the time we tried it.

basically, we know that there are only three kinds of ads google offers for websites in which every one of them has in them their divisions but we have to speak extensively on the basic three Adsense ads types.

Google offers the…

  • . Adsense native ads
  • . Adsense infeed ads
  • . Adsense inarticle ads

Always note that these last two ads types are considered new into the system as they are better enhanced in view, appearance, design, and layout.

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Let’s quickly explain where these ads are placed for better effectiveness in your websites.

. The Adsense native ads

This is what we all bloggers know and we also know where best to apply them. This Adsense native ads come in different forms ie: link ads, responsive ads, responsive link ads, 300600, 250250, 300*250, customized and Leaderboard ads among several others.

I suppose this is the ads type that several webmasters and bloggers are good with when it comes to ads placements in a website.

In this ads type, you will find the ads to be used for your header ads, sidebar ads and inside post ads.

There are equally the ads sizes which should be placed at different spots of your respective websites, you’ll do well to learn them here.

Sidebar ads

This ads is better with a 300600 ads size, a 300250 ads size and also a responsive square shaped ads.

This ad can be equally placed on websites using the widget area in the customize section of your WordPress website or the appearance and widget section of your website theme.

Responsive link ads do not well in this website section for ads placement.

Header Ads

The header ads have two options for appearing on your header and this basically depends on your website theme and configuration.

For image/text header ads

If you would want your header ads to be an image/text ads, then you could use the ordinary responsive ads type as the header space falls in a rectangle and the ads will fit in with both mobile phones and laptops for viewer convenience.

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For link header ads

This can be done by choosing the header ads to be responsive link ads and can be placed above the website and it will appear in a rectangular shape and naturally built in.

This configuration makes it easy for mobile and desktop perfect view and ad fitting.

Inside article ads

Here you could use any ads except the 300*600 ads format as it looks non-professional.

It is expected that anyone can use any ads format here but the ordinary responsive, 300200, 250300, responsive link ads and the leaderboard is better used for viewer convenience.

Footer ads

Here it is better advised to use the leaderboard or the responsive ads unit so as to fit in with mobile and desktop traffic.

I suppose these heatmaps listed above are where you should place the Adsense native ads in your website for good conversion and better user experience.

. The Adsense infeed ads

This is a new introduction into Adsense placements on websites and they are unique and cute Adsense ads which shows a better view of design, compliance, links and it is better detailed than the Adsense native ads.

Take an example below:

This ads allows you to place Google Adsense ads in-between articles appearing on your homepage just as the image above states.

Since we know that the homepage of a website is where several visitors visit, it will do you better and bring more conversion if your homepage visitors had the chance on ads before they moved into articles.

These Adsense infeed ads have a good advantage over every other ads type.

Good side

  • . If your website is basically visited by mobile visitors, then you stand a chance of earning from their visits twice as before as these ads appear as posts themselves on your website homepage.
  • . It has no limit of placements like the native inside article ads.
  • . Brings in very good conversion since it is situated where your traffic comes the most.
  • . Adsense inarticle ads

This is almost the same as the Adsense infeed ads in design, structure, and layout but the difference is that it appears inside post and can be used as an alternative if you do not want to use the native inside article ads.

It drives a better user experience and makes the chance of visitors clicking on your ads more exposed.

Having mentioned these ads types and placements, it will do more good if we also mentioned the reason why we’re writing this article.

The 3 basic Adsense placements to fetch one of the best income are listed below.

  • . The inside post ads placement.
  • . The infeed ads placement.
  • . The sidebar and header ads.

We didn’t mention the footer ads here and I suppose you know the reason.

If you happen not to know why we didn’t mention the footer ads, here’s why:

“the footer ads never get clicks as it is always hard for people to visit websites bottom”

Wrap up

If you ever tried these strategies leveled above, you will come out to say a kudos to our work.

We always took into consideration what could make you earn good revenue from Google Adsense as we have spent several years in the blogosphere.

These are strategies you will not have any reason to say I do not enjoy why I tried it out. Several Adsense specialists can as well drop their comments on any improvements I should make.