Globalwealthz Review; Make #10,000 Weekly Using This Income Platform

Globalwealthz Review; Make #10,000 Weekly Using This new Income Platform and you can smile to the bank every weekend upon your cash-out using our guide.

Finally, I could say I am happy given the fact that someone actually has a new idea to what to bring to the table in making money online in Nigeria.
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Just recently, the Globalwealthz came into existence with a whole new monetization scheme and strategy other than what we have seen in Mulabux, Racksterly, Newspay and many others and this is why we are writing the Globalwealthz review.

Globalwealthz is a unique and totally different make money online platform from other money making programs.

Their style could be seen as insurmountable and also flawless and in this sense we mean this platform is basically designed for those who want to make money playing games or strictly referring friends to earn.

People always find it quite difficult to invest in these make money online platforms as they have turned a scam as many of them became unreliable even the almighty Racksterly but this is not the reason why you should say no totally to it.

Besides who knows what might make them rich tomorrow.

Our Globalwealthz Review will tell you if Income Program is a good platform to invest on.

Lets get started with our Globalwealthz review…

Globalwealthz Review; About Globalwealthz

Globalwealthz could be seen as a performance-driven company that partnered with popular Adverts Network to generate revenue from the traffics that comes to their websites by members who want to make money online without stress.

The company was launched on the 18th of January, 2020 which is not quite too long from now.

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Basically, the company said is an AFFILIATE PROGRAM which means users have to bring in their friends and families to make huge money, but note that users can still withdraw without referring anyone. That’s awesome, right? Sure, it should.

How Globalwealthz works

Since Globalwealthz partners with popular Adverts Network companies, they promote the companies affiliate programs with the help of the users on the program.

Definitely, they will make more sales as users are flooding in the program and getting paid for performing necessary activities that will lead to the growth of the platform.

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To earn on Globalwealthz, is either you refer new users to the program or spin a game to earn.

You can withdraw the money at anytime you like, which means there’s no specific time to withdraw your money.

How To Make Money On Globalwealthz Program

Globalwealthz has 5 levels of multi level marketing matrix referral system. If any of your referred users comes in any of these levels, you will earn your money.

Globalwealthz Marketing Offers

  • Level 1: You get 40% (N800) from your referrals registration money if they follow your referrals link and register directly to the program.
  • Level 2: If the person you referred directly bring another person to the program, you get 15% (N300).
  • Level 3: If the person you referred brings another user, and the last user bring another member to the program, you get 10% (N200).
  • Level 4: If your subsequent downline refers the 4th member, you get 5% (N100).
  • Level 5: Same as level 4 percentage share, you get 5% (N100) only.

That’s one of the most lovely things about the Globalwealthz income program, you only have to refer one user and you will keep earning from 5 levels down. Isn’t that awesome? Sure, it should.

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Another way you can earn from Globalwealthz is by daily spinning.

You are given 6 spins per day, and after spinning, you may earn N300 or N400 depending on how lucky you are.

  • Daily Spinning On Globalwealthz

In the spinning board, there are some money you are to earn and they are N70, N50, N30, N20 and even N10. You can only spin it 6 times per day and your earnings will be added to your activities earnings dashboard which you can withdraw at anytime.

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I hope earning on Globalwealthz has been explicitly explained and is now crystal clear to you? Great!

How to Join Globalwealthz Income Program?

Globalwealthz is mainly designed for Nigerians living in the country. They use Nigerian currency in calculating your earnings and you withdraw based on what you see from your dashboard.

To join Globalwealthz Program, you have to pay a one-time fee of N2,000 only. There’s nothing like renewal. That clearly tells you that you can withdraw your earnings at anytime time you feel like.

Steps to register on Globalwealthz income program

  • To register, visit GLOBALWEALTHZ WEBSITE.
  • Tap on “SIGN-UP” button to create your Globalwealthz account.

How To Activate your Globalwealthz Account

  • To complete the registration, you have to make payment of N2,000 and you are required to choose the option of “PAY VIA COUPON CODE“.

Activate Globalwealthz Account

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  • You will see list of available Vendors, kindly message one of them on Whatsapp or call them, make payment to them and provide payment proof and they will activate your Globalwealthz account within some minutes.

Coupon Vendors

Please Note: This is the fastest and safest way to activate an account to avoid payment issues because the Coupon Vendors works with Globalwealthz Program.

Globalwealthz Account creation

  • Voilà! You have successfully opened your Globalwealthz account.

After openning Globalwealthz account, what next?

  1. Since you have opened your Globalwealthz account, you can now add your Nigeria BANK account details for withdrawal via Settings.
  2. Fill your profile by adding a profile picture, email and phone number (optional).

How To Copy your Globalwealthz Affiliate link

Tap on your “profile icon” that looks like a person head and shoulder at the top and click on the “REFERRALS” option to copy your referrals link.

How to withdraw Globalwealthz Earnings?

To withdraw your earnings, kindly tap on the ‘profile icon” and enter the “MY ACCOUNT” option and place your withdrawal.

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Globalwealthz Payment Proof

Globalwealthz review

Note: Withdrawal and Service maintenance charges now at 5% of every withdrawal.

Is Globalwealthz Scam Or Legit?

Globalwealthz is currently legit and has been paying users since it has come to the public. Wonderfully, I am one of the users that has benefited from the program.

For now, I will say Globalwealthz is legit.

You can withdraw your earnings at anytime and don’t have to panic till you withdraw or wait for a withdrawal date. NO, that doesn’t exist!

Meanwhile, Globalwealthz can crash at anytime because there is no Advert companies currently working with them as they claimed which is a very bad signal and a red flag that might trigger you to run away from them.

The program is only based on affiliate marketing system.

The referral earnings distribution is sustainable but the spinning earnings is coming from where exactly? So, Globalwealthz can crash at anytime or any interval, all you have to do is to INVEST and cash out at anytime.

What to know about Globalwealthz

  1. You can withdraw your earnings at anytime from Globalwealthz Program.
  2. Their 2,000 naira registration money is only for once: no renewal, no subscription ending date and no re-investing.
  3. Globalwealthz was launched on the 1st of January and kick-start on the of 18th of January, 2020.
  4. You can earn deep down from 5 MLM matrix system of your downline (referrals).
  5. The website user interface (UI) is beautiful on smartphone.
  6. We also learnt that the domain is over 24 years old and was purchased from NIRA domain registrar company.
  7. We also noticed that the technical administrator of Globalwealthz lives at 8 Funso Williams Avenue In Alaka Surulere, Lagos
  8. You can contact them by calling +234 8022912202  or send a mail via [email protected]

Wrapping up on Globalwealthz review

Truth is…

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No income program ever came out and didn’t close but it all depends on when they will close as I do believe that the Globalwealthz is just another of them that just came out and as such, people should try as much as they can to rush into this program as soon as they can to avoid getting crashed with it.

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