Racksterly Review; Is Racksterly Scam or Legit? Make at Least N50,000 Daily

Racksterly Review; Here is another Get Paid To site in Nigeria that helps you Make at Least N50,000 Daily Online doing what you love.

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Please note that Racksterly was currently proven not to be a scam. Read our Is Racksterly a Scam” paragraph below coupled with image proof.

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We have always been keen about bringing you the best make money online programs in Nigeria and our most important priority is to keep these make money online programs we bring to you as legit as ever.

You may have arrived on this page while asking questions like;

racksterly about?
racksterly website?
Racksterly .co?
racksterly registration?
racksterly sign up?
Racksterly Income program review?
racksterly office in nigeria?
racksterly office in lagos?
racksterly contact?
Is racksterly a scam or legit?
racksterly scam or real?

And quite interestingly, someone asked yesterday “What I should have known before joining the Racksterly income program and thus I was amazed”.

We will cover every side to these questions and also prove to you that Racksterly is not a scam like many other make money online programs.

And we are sure not to disappoint you this time whatsoever with our Racksterly review.

I always served myself a disclaimer whenever I am writing on all these make money online in Nigeria and this is the fact that I do not affiliate with these make money online programs and as a result, all reviews written here are written with severe and thorough checkout as it doesn’t add any income to our pocket.


Is Racksterly Scam or Legit

A few weeks ago, I published a report here on Racksterly that they just turned a scam.

I want to clarify this review here;

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I have gotten many bad emails that made me ask if this program is still legit or not but after many considerations, a friend of mine uploaded his photo and proof of payment from Racksterly which are videos and photos and I will make this video in essence of this review to clarify everything and promise you that, Racksterly is not a scam.

Have yourself a look below;

Image Proof of payment on Racksterly;

Racksterly proof of payment


Racksterly proof of payment

Now, I am going to present you a video which is dated yesterday 28th December 2019 and to prove that Racksterly just paid a friend of mine and this will be enough proof to say that Rackstely is not a scam.

Video proof of Racksterly review and its not scam;

About Racksterly income program (Racksterly review)

If you have ever used Google Adsense to monetize a website or a friends website, then you will be cozy with the way that Racksterly income program works as they do employ the same way to deliver clicks and impressions to their advertisers, only that a website is not needed here but just simply a fcebook account for the members where they will publish the advertisers posts and the more traffic it gets the more you get paid.

Just the same thing you see with Google Adsense and Media.net so to say.

So, we can regard the Racksterly income program as a PPC network in the form of a Get Paid To site and you will get to know about it very much in this our Racksterly Income Program Review.

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While as a Racksterly user, you get paid when your visitors see your Ads but there is always a fixed amount to be paid to you when and only when you publish your Ads given to you to share and nothing more.

If you registered for the bigger package, you get paid a higher amount than you get paid for their least package.

Racksterly Income Program, What is it all About? (Racksterly Review)

Racksterly income program has been online for a very long time and serving people well without any issues, I just wonder why we just got to know about this now and this is why we decided t write our own Racksterly review.

Racksterly income program is a great way to make money online either from your home, office or work for as long you have an internet-connected device around you.

Making money online with Racksterly Income Program could be something we will not recommend you keep as a day to day stuff but quite what you keep as a side income as this will not fetch you the required earnings you will need to keep your day to day life running.

Racksterly income program is currently the Nigerian fastest growing get paid to a platform that allows you to share or promote a business of your choice on your Facebook timeline and get paid once your shared link is being clicked.

Now this could be the huge earning opportunity for those who normally get thousands of likes and comments on their facebook posts to actually make money off it.

You also get paid a 5% commission when you refer a friend via your referral link.

You can join now and take advantage of its promotional program.

Racksterly income program are currently running titled Achievement.

Racksterly income program, How to Register and make money?

In this our Racksterly Income Program Review, we will cover all you need to know about racksterly income program….


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You will need to visit Racksterly income program official homepage at Racksterly.co or you can Click here to directly take you to Racksterly income program registration page and fill out a form such as;

  • Your name

You will have to provide your name here to get started and make sure this is the same name as it appears in your bank account and also your racksterly.co account.

  • Email address

You will need a valid email address where a business email address will be highly appreciated and much valued.

  • Phone number

A working phone number for phone verification issues if need arises.

  • Bank account

Of course you will receive payments and you will need a bank account to be able to do that so this is quite needed too.

  • Password 

An easy to recall password is needed to get an account.

Here are the further screeshots to what you will need to get started as a user.

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There are some questions people ask with regards to Racksterly and I intend to respond to these questions now in this article.

Racksterly income program, How does it work?

Below is exactly how the Racksterly income program works for its users;


  • Sign-up to the company and complete your registration details such as your name, bank account and email.
  • Subscribe to any of its 4 channels.
  • On your dashboard, select a business or social cause you think your network of family and friends will be interested in to share.
  • Share it on your Facebook timeline or any of your social media sites.
  • You get paid once your shared link is clicked.
  • You also get paid when you Refer a friend typically a 5% commission.

Is Racksterly scam or legit? (Racksterly Review)

Why did racksterly go offline?

This is the question I know many users will be asking now. How hilarious that could be?

Before making any comments, I will like to state that in the past two days dated 11th and 12 of December 2019, I got several emails and comments in my website calling racksterly a scam program and all that and many questions were asked simply because they suffered some minor server downtime just a few hours.

Here are some of the emails I received from Racksterly users below when the website went into 503 gateway error;

And these messages above got me really damn worried ad they were coupled with hundreds of phone calls and comments in my website, but I gave off a reply to these people that calmed them down til they got back to the website and it was all good after about 22 hours of being offline.

Well I never knew people out there trusted my review this much until two days ago precisely.

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Here are my series of responses;

Now, I will like to disclaim myself here;

I do not affiliate with racksterly as many of you do know but I only write pure reviews and bring to the users to avoid them making any kind of sordid mistakes while making any purchases online or joining any program.

With these above-stated proof, racksterly still works and pays their users and you will not have any problems joining them please note carefully.


Well, I have a very good recommendation of how to know if a program is legit or not from Thereviewarea here!

But for the records, Racksterly income program is a legit income program and not just like any scam income program that will always try to make you think you are actually running a get rick quick scheme, just as the NNU version 1.

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We spoke with a Racksterly income program user and our website contributor and he affirmed that he has received his paycheck from Racksterly income program and was really happy.

In this light, we can tell you that we endorse the Racksterly income program not to be a scam but a legit make money online platform for people who wish to earn very much from their online presence or their social media accounts.

You can see our Racksterly income program payment proof below.

Racksterly income program Payment Proof

Are you still doubting the reliability of the Racksterly income program?

If yes, below is the screenshot of a chat I had with a user and he actually got paid from the program and I endorsed it.

we might not be picking up photos at random as we do not know who own them but these are direct testimonials from our visitors and the people we asked to join Racksterly.

And this is what you can we do trust.

Racksterly Payment Proof

Racksterly review

Racksterly review

Racksterly review

Racksterly income program is still new, not up to four months old as at the time when this article was published.

Someone might say you should wait to see the first hand users go live before you get started with it but this could be a whole lot of lies for you as I see it.

It is not bad if you waited, but who knows, when you decide to join, they might have stopped accepting new members or something like that happened.

Rackserly referral program

Most of these get paid to sites in Nigeria are always referral based and most of them do not get to pay you without having referrals and this could be a sad one.

Last time I checked, a huge chunk of incomes in all these get paid to do stuffs online sites comes from the referral programs they do offer but this is not same with Racksterly income program as they pay well for actions rather than referrals.

In this light, Racksterly income program pays you 5% of each referral you bring to them and they will make sure you keep a good side of the referral payment so as to motivate you to invite more friends to join the Racksterly income program.

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Must I refer to withdraw in Racksterly income program?

If you needed to increase your earnings faster, you will need to refer users as a member but if not, you can keep to the pace of your normal Facebook timeline sharing.

So to answer the question of must you refer to withdraw in Racksterly income program, the answer is NO.

If you choose to refer, you are only doing it to double your hustle and it is not and never compulsory.

The Racksterly income program will still compensate you for referrals but there is not way you can compare their referral rate with those of the scam websites.

Racksterly income program only pays 9% per referral.

Can you compare it with the 70 percent rate offered by NNU or the 30-50% offered by MMM?

Can you see the differences?

It may look way below what you needed or what you envisaged they should pay you…

But don’t worry, the platform is built in such a way that you can make as much money as you want without referrals.

Is Racksterly income program free to join?

I would rather say NO to that.

Racksterly income program is not free to join but it comes with several subscriptions which you must pay to become a premium member and this is scheduled to be section by section according to how much you can afford.

Here are the subscriptions for the members;

Racksterly income program review


How much is the Racksterly income program subscription? 

  • There is the $18 plan, if you subscribe to it, you will be making at least $1.2 daily from the products they will give you to share on your Facebook timeline.

Note: This is just the minimum, you can make higher than that in a day.

  • There is also the $25 plan. This one, you will be making at least $1.8 daily for 30 days.
  • There is the $48 plan. If you subscribe to the plan, you will be making at least $3.5 for 30 days.
  • The Final Plan is the $75 plan. If you subscribe to it, you will be making at least $5.6 per day for one month.

There are 4 plans on Racksterly income program

  • Dew–> 1-month sub with $18(transactions are done with dollars) you earn $1.2 per share/per day till Your subscription ends
  • Drizzle–> 1-month sub with $25 you earn $1.2 per day/per post
  • Already mentioned above Storm $ 45sub $3.5 per day/per post
  • Typhoon—> $75 and u earn $5.6 per day/per post

So, it all boil down to the one you can afford.

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You can make a good amount of money from anyone you choose. And the good thing about it is that you get paid into your Naira bank account.

Also, you subscribe with your Naira debit card. 

Racksterly Achievements what does it mean in our Racksterly Review

This achievement is a target being set up by the company to allow it’s registered users to get a free month subscription plan immediately they refer up to 5 friends within 30 days of subscribing to its features.

And that is just awesome.

Notwithstanding we said this is a program that can fetch you some quick buck, we also mean to warn you that Racksterly income program is not a get rich quick scheme of a thing, but a legitimate ways one can make money online no matter your qualifications as long as you have an internet connected devices and also very active in social media sites.

You can actually make too much with Racksterly income program but that would be only if you referred your friends and family to join the program and earn as you earn too.

So, let us get to explain how the Racksterly income program works so as to enable anyone who wished to register to have a free mind while doing so.

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A deeper dive into Racksterly achievements

Racksterly income program rewards its users for achieving certain fits such as referring somebody the day you joined the program, getting up to 6 referrals within your 30 days of subscriptions, referring 10, 20…100 people to the site before your subscription ends.

Racksterly income program sees those things as commendable fits and therefore they offer some rewards to users for achieving such.

Below is a thorough breakdown of all the Racksterly income program achievement rewards

  • When you get your first referral they reward you with $2.5
  • Referring a friend on the same day you subscribed will get you $3
  • Referring 10 people within a month subscription gets you $45
  • Referring 20 people within a month subscription gets you $80
  • Referring 50 people in a month subscription gets you $150
  • Referring 100 people in a month subscription gets you $350
  • Referring 3 friends in 1-month sub get you $10
  • Referring 2 persons on the day your sub ends get you $9

Referring 6 people to subscribe to your plan or any other plan higher than the one you purchased will extend your subscription to another 30 days.

Within the free 30 days, you will still get promotional products that you share on Facebook and get paid.

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Racksterly review Nairaland

Sometime recently, Nairaland stopped publishing articles on Ponzi and others refer and earn programs and there is a solid reason behind this.

Nairaland does not affiliate with refer and earn programs and as such these programs not just only Racksterly have all been removed from their platform and this is a preventive measure to take.

But does this mean that Racksterly is fake?

No, it doesn’t.

Racksterly is not a scam just as proven by the video above.

You can look up all reviews about make money online and if Nairaland ever appeared in them, it must have been removed.

What I should have known before joining the Racksterly income program

Well, you should have known that they are now scam before joining. Read this racksterly scam review here…

Now here are what you should know before joining Racksterly

Racksterly customer or contact support

You can always contact the support here if you ever wished to speak to them about a certain problem you might be facing with Racksterly income program and get it solved in minutes.

Here is the Racksterly contact url here for ease…

Racksterly terms of service

These are the terms and service for agreement for the users of Racksterly income program to avoid saying or having to affirm that you were not told what you should have bee told before you joined the program.

It is highly advised that every user or intending user should read these terms of service from beginning to the end to avoid asking questions the answers are already there and getting fake responses.

Here is Racksterly terms of service link here…

Racksterly login

This is where you have to enter your account details as a racksterly user to get to login into your account and get to see your earning opportunities and also your referral links.

Here is the racksterly account login url here…

My Racksterly account login

Here is another terminology that is associated with racksterly and this is the search term that is aimed at bringing you at a page that you will just need to login to your racksterly account without having to beat around the bush for it.

Here is the racksterly account login url here…

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Racksterly review

If you are looking to see if the racksterly income program is legit or not, this is where you have to get a look at but fortunately, the racksterly income program is very legit and is still paying their members till today.

So we hope we answered this question in the simplest of ways?

Racksterly sign up

Now if you are looking to be a member of the racksterly income program, you will need to use this search term to have a direct service to getting to the racksterly signup page and have yourself get started with racksterly income program.

Here is the racksterly signup link…

Racksterly login

If you are not ready to beat about the bush, you can easily and fastly use this search term to get into the Racksterly income program login page and get started with your account.

Here is the racksterly login url for ease here…

Questions people ask about Racksterly and their responses…

  • Are people finding it difficult to withdraw from racksterly

Yes many people are and as a matter of fact, many people started complaining about Racksterly turning into a scam recently and also Flutterwave denied having any business to do with them currently according to a whatsapp screenshot shared by a certain user.

I am not sure but Racksterly seem to be going back to being a scam.

  • How long has racksterly been operating

Racksterly has been on for approximately a year now and they were doing good until certain speculations grew about how they are now operating and I do not know what else to believe from the users currently.

  • Issue on groundabout racksterly 09 january 2020

This is simply the fact that Rave flutterwave denied being in business with Racksterly in the recent times and many people are not getting paid according to a social media source.

This is going to be a very big blow in the face of Racksterly as they are now facing problems from users from many angles.

If they should fail now, no one will ever patronize them again as they will loose every credibility.

  • Latest update of rarcksterly

The fact that speculations look like the Racksterly income program is about to get shut down for the second time as many people are not getting paid.

  • How long is racksterly going to continue

Sincerely I do not know as it seem like Racksterly is already dead as we speak now.

  • What do Nigerian government said about racksterly

Nigerian government may not know that there is a business online called Racksterly and as such, the Nigerian Government may not have anything to say about the Racksterly.

  • Any body get paid from racksterly yesterday?

It has been long Racksterly paid anyone so I will be speaking wrongly if I said it paid anyone anytime sooner or farther.

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Racksterly hasn’t paid anyone in a long time.

  • Do we still have hope about our money on racksterly

Sincerely speaking I do not think so.

But we could hope that this mishap now is not going to cause a total shutdown on Racksterly so people will get paid their hard earned money.

  • Racksterly

This is a website developed to pay their users while they read news and also share posts online to their Facebook users and make sure they also like what they share.

  • Racksterly news

These are the news you get to read and also get to share with your social media.

  • Racksterly review

This is an honest statement by bloggers about the Racskerly income program to save people from joining if it was a scam but it is very bad that many people will never tell you the truth about Racksterly but they just want you to register and then they make money off your pocket.

  • Racksterly.com

This is not the official Racksterly website but Racksterly.co

  • Is racksterly legit

Currently, I will say no unless otherwise proven.

Since people cannot get to log in to their accounts and make changes when they want to and also request their withdrawals, this is no longer a legit program and also a scam for anyone who wished to join it.

  • Google racksterly

for those who wished to know more about the racksterly income program through Google search.

  • Sites similar to racksterly

There are many sites which are similar to Racksterly which includes NNU, Atpays (Which is now a scam) and many others.

  • Racksterly subscriptions

These are the payments you get to make before you can join the Racksterly income program and get to make money with it. Sometimes called the Racksterly subscription plans.

  • The truth about racksterly

The truth about Racksterly is that they have turned out to become scam from their website going down to not allowing anyone to log into their accounts and this is a very bad idea I must say. Racksterly is a scam please do not invest in it.

  • Racksterly.co

This is their official website domain name.

  • Which online business is like racksterly

If you are asking of the businesses that will start and fail at some points then you are welcomed to speak to programs like NNU, Newspay, HIWAP, MineNaira and many more. But for legit platforms, there is none until otherwise proven.

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  • What do you know about racksterly

I know that Racksterly was a good refer and earn program that makes people money without doing many jobs online but now I know them as a scam network that takes people’s money and shuts them out for no reason without actually telling the why ad shutting everyone out from contacting them.

  • Racksterly having problems with login

Just as the screenshots I shared above, Racksterly has been having problems with their logins and this is the biggest issue people are facing now and this is one of the reasons we say they are scam coupled with the number of emails I got on the same thread.

  • What you need to know about racksterly

You only need to know that Racksterly is fake and a scam nothing more or less. Since they started to make people regret why they trusted them to this extent.

  • Racksterly scam or legit

Simply put, Racksterly is a scam and believe it or not, you will know why I said this one way or another. And this maybe when you get scammed too by the same program.

  • How does racksterly work

You can read this up in our first racksterly review but currently, they are no longer working and now a scam.

  • How legit is racksterly

This is no longer legit and I will vouch for racksterly no more as they have turned out to become a scam.

  • What about racksterly income, is it genuine

Racksterly is not genuine and please do not invest your money in this refer and earn program. Doing this will be 100% at your own risk.

  • Racksterly ‘scam

Yes, Racksterly is a scam and it is not worth your time and the hype given to it.

  • Changes in racksterly this 13th December

The scam side of Racksterly just got started out well on the 13th of December giving it all the authority to be a scam program and launder money off people in a very bad way.

  • Racksterly legit

Please note that Racksterly is not legit anymore and they have just become a Scam.

  • Why is racksterly not working

The answer is simple because Racksterly just turned scam just like many other make money online platforms in Nigeria.

  • What happened to racksterly

Racksterly just turned to become a scam that is exactly what happened to Racksterly and this is not just close to ending as many people will still get scammed by this platform if they do not heed my words.

  • Racksterly latest news for today

The latest news on Racksterly today is the fact that they are still a scam until otherwise proven, then I will update this review.

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  • Racksterly not loading

Racksterly is now loading but you cannot login to your account and this has been on for a very long time now and everyone is worried.

Racksterly is a scam and does not invest in it, please.

  • What does MTN know about racksterly?

Unfortunately, MTN does not know about Racksterly. In fact who asked this question and why if I may ask?

  • Is racksrerly a Ponzi scheme?

Racksterly is now more or less a dark Ponzi scheme but we did not know in the first place it got out newly.

  • What is the meaning of top-up in racksterly

This is for advertisers when they want to ass money to their advertising budgets.

  • Racksterly latest news

Racksterly is still a scam program until today.

  • Is racksterly real

Well, I must say I do not think so. Racksterly is a scam program.

  • What is activity balance in racksterly

These are your balance for sharing news and also referring people.

  • How to earn on racksterly

We covered this here in our previous review but you will only need to share news and refer people.

  • Meaning of racksterley

This means a website that you can use to make money online which is now a scam.

  • Racksterly real or scam

Please note that Racksterly is a scam and not real.

These series of questions above are what people asked about Racksterly and I am obliged I was able to answer them all.

For the records, Racksterly is a scam and not a legit program. Please take note.

Wrapping up on Racksterly review

Racksterly youtube Video Link and Video Credit: Preshy Pearl

I love the setting of the Racksterly income program and what they have come to offer.

Get our 56 pages EBook on how to make $25 weekly and recurrently on Fiverr.com Here for just $5.

$18 isn’t too huge an amount you can spend to make three times it every month, so I suggest you might want to give some trial to the Racksterly income program and see what changes after that.

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