Top 8 Reasons Why Google Adsense do Not Pay Several Bloggers

Before we start writing this article, I would want to affirm to you about something.

“Google Adsense may not pay you very very well as a publisher and it is because of your fault and wholesomely your fault”

Care to know why I said it’s your fault?

Read on, you could find out.

Notwithstanding how true the assertion about Google Adsense being the prime and easiest source of revenue for bloggers, it still does not pay several other bloggers a good amount.

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Considering our previous article on which website niche pays google Adsense publishers best, it is considered one of the reasons why Google Adsense do not pay several bloggers well.

I understand that it is a very hard feeling knowing that the same Google Adsense that made your colleague a financially free man is the same Google Adsense that refused to pay you.

This is sometimes caused by website niches where some niches pay Adsense publishers less for CPC while a greater part of it is caused by several other reasons.

Today we shall be looking at why Google Adsense do not pay several Nigerian bloggers.

Note: Here, we write our articles based on our reader’s curiosity and inquisitive reasoning, this is why we sought to answer some blogging questions you could have.

I know you’re here for the obvious so let’s simply dive into our reason for this article.

Why Google Adsense do not pay several Nigerian bloggers

  1. Sourcing non-targeted visitors

I know you must have seen some Nigerian bloggers complain of generating several thousands of visitors to their websites and can only claim for little or no clicks on their website ads.

Have you seen such before?

I have seen it. This is basically caused by non-targeted visitors. As we wrote earlier in our previous article, bringing in non-targeted visitors to your website can bring down your Adsense CPC.

Still, on the same issue of non-targeted visitors, they tend not to get interested in your ads and if by any chance they started to click on the ads, as a result of lack of interest, you could suffer a low CPC on ads.

  1. Sourcing traffic majorly from Facebook
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Facebook generally is believed to cause a very low CPC on Adsense ads and so does other social media traffic but this is a specificity to Facebook.

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So far I have known and seen, several Nigerian bloggers do employ the services of Facebook pages, groups, forums and also Facebook ads to bring in traffic to their websites.

Funny thing with specifically Facebook ads is this…

“You will see your visitors and also the ads clicks but you will never see a good CPC and at the end, you will end up making cents or a few dollars in a whole day”.

Using Facebook as your prime source of traffic is one of the several reasons why Nigerian bloggers do not make it blogging.

  1. Not minding SEO and search engine traffic

I suppose you know that what traffic source google loves most is traffic from search engines?

Google loves and ranks better traffic coming from search engines and as well google pays better for clicks which comes from traffic generated by the search engine.

This is the basic reason why bloggers whose traffic comes from basically search engines have a greater efficiency in making a better income than those whose traffic comes from social media.

  1. Neglecting google Adsense placement heatmaps

When we say Nigerian bloggers neglect Google Adsense placement heatmaps we mean to say that they allow placement of ads on the wrong sides of their website that will not bring desired clicks and impressions.

Basically, to make money with Google Adsense, we must understand what are the strategic positions your ads must go in order to drive the best conversions from your visitors.

We have three strategic positions for ads placements namely:

  • . Top bar ads
  • . Inside post ads
  • . Sidebar Ads

These ads work well when the correct sizes are chosen and also when placed where they should appear for better readers impressions.

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Note: we shall write fully on this in our next article.

  1. Not considering your web visitors

Normally, I wouldn’t include this point here but there is a reason I did.

This is because knowing your visitors and how they come into your website does a lot of work in your potential to earn with Google Adsense.

Several Nigerian web visitors use mobile phones and foreign visitors use mostly PC.

If your visitors are coming from Nigeria, I suppose you use less of sidebar ads BC they might happen not to see them and use much of inside post ads and header ads in visible areas.

Alternatively, if your visitors are from USA, UK, Germany and another tier A countries, I implore you to use sidebar ads 300¤600 as it is best seen by visitors using PC to browse.

  1. Blocking too many ads from displaying on your website

It is a fact that allowing too many ads to be displayed on your website gives room for ads which are not related to your niche and also the low paying ads to get their way into your ads spots but nonetheless, blocking off too many ads from showing on your website also brings down CPC and makes earning more hard.

This is because when you blocked several ads from displaying on your website, you directly reduce the ads competition thereby allowing a single ad to appear several times in your ads spot and pay you the same amount each time it gets clicked.

  1. Targeting low Adsense CPC paying countries

I suppose you have always heard about this part concerning which country pays Adsense publishers the most.

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Several bloggers target the low Adsense CPC paying countries and as such, they can never generate a useful or meaningful revenue from Google Adsense.

I highly recommend you use to source visitors from tier A countries and receive better income through Adsense CPC program.

  1. The mindset of Nigerian bloggers
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Have you ever experienced that when you ask some bloggers how many page views do you have daily?

They answer thousands.

Reason: mindset.

Why I said mindset is because several of these bloggers are blogging in the platform which has a different way of counting its traffic other than the WordPress.

Then some WordPress users also say they have thousands of visitors daily and it is as a result of their mindset.

Since these answers are the same then the bigger question of “how much do you make daily comes in”.

They all reply, few cents or some dollars.

Now let’s look at why this is so.

As a blogger or a WordPress blogger, please note that your website will and must record bot, software and also search engine routine check traffic and this is why you seem to have thousands of viewers and no good income.

If you’re a WordPress user and you’re taking your visitors statistics using all in one SEO, you’re making a mistake because it functions as traffic statistics counter.

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It is better advised you use JETPACK as a WordPress user as it shows the real visitors statistics over time and the search terms related to your website.

This is the reason I mentioned mindset as one of the reasons why Google Adsense do not pay Nigerian bloggers well.

Wrap up

Getting paid very well as a Google Adsense publisher calls for more than what we just know and see in the blogosphere.

It basically entails personal findings, studies, and experimentations with your own website and you will find out what works best and how.

I have been earning a penny from Adsense over the years as a blogger till I started to embrace learning and applying the strategies I read about, not until then my Adsense revenue was still poor.

Proudly I could say I have built a website that makes over £300 monthly using every bit of the details I have always shared with my readers.

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