Hiwap Review (Healthiswealth.Ng); A Review of The Refer and Earn Program in Nigeria

Hiwap Review and detailed guide of how it works in Nigeria.

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Going by the URL; Healthiswealth.ng

Normally I wouldn’t be writing this review but I love my readers and I write to stand for what should be said owing to the fact that I do not personalize my earnings on this website as this is a public service to me (We take our readers at heart).

Need I remind you that there have been many refer and earn programs that just came to the limelight but many have failed due to the mindset behind all these refer and earn programs and many are still to come out.

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So, today I was going through my RSS feed from feedly and I got to see a service called the HIWAP (Health Is Wealth Affiliate Program) refer ad earn program and this got me quite excited.

Of course I didn’t want to leave the listing that I saw but nonetheless, I took the hike to this program to check what it has to offer.

As the name acronym read, HIWAP is named after its full meaning (Health Is Wealth Affiliate Program) which is same as every other affiliate program out there in the market of affiliate programs and refer and earn affiliate programs.

We all know how the NNU income program went down and stopped paying its members and also having some undisclosed secrets up in their sleeves about the reading news and getting paid but actually you must refer to get paid.

I looked at the NNU bad side and wrote about it here on Blogincomes.com.ng and every review on comments I got was true and this led me to the fact to say; “Who was really the founder of this NNU and what were his goals?”

  • Just to fool people and get away with their money?
  • Just to have people read their news and reduce the bounce rate on their blog?
  • Just to make good chunk of money from their Google Adsense Ads?
  • To trick people into leaving comments on their websites unwillingly but just for the cash (Which they really never paid them)?
  • Or better still, to have people visit their websites just to be branded a top website in Nigeria.

When my fear for the HIWAP (Health Is Wealth Affiliate Program) refer and earn program started

So, back to the business of the day, the HIWAP (Health Is Wealth Affiliate Program) refer and earn program as I saw it was a very nice program that could alleviate people from poverty and put some chunks in their pockets but my suspicion and doubts stated when I saw that the website was founded by Samuel Joy (A nutritionist) which I have no problems with and also Paul Samson PSO (Which is the reason I am writing this review).

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Lets we forget that the Paul Samson found the NNU income program which became a very bad idea to people who participated and their hard earned money were never paid to them.

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And now he is here with another refer and earn program; Is God not wonderful?

What I never appreciated about the Nigerian refer and earn affiliate program bloggers is that they do focus on the side that fetch them income but not on the side that really speak the truth when things go wrong (The top websites that reviewed the NNU income program never mentioned about the recent fraud so they will still receive their referral bonus if anyone registered; that is if they will).

The structure of the HIWAP (Health Is Wealth Affiliate Program) refer and earn program ( Hiwap Review )

As the name read, HIWAP means Health Is Wealth Affiliate Program which allows one to register with a certain amount of money and refer people to earn from the website just by commission and also by submitting articles to the platform and other ways to make money with the HIWAP (Health Is Wealth Affiliate Program) program which will be discussed on the how to earn from HIWAP (Health Is Wealth Affiliate Program) refer and earn program in this article.

There is no doubt if you can make good money from this program but that if if they keep true to their words.

How to make money from HIWAP (Health Is Wealth Affiliate Program) refer and earn program (Hiwap Review)

There are several ways to earn money from the HIWAP (Health Is Wealth Affiliate Program) refer and earn porgram but let us start with the obvious;

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  • Register with the sum of #2,000 and get your unique affiliate link

Payment has to be made through direct bank deposit after which you are given an EPIN through whatsapp by the Admin of the HIWAP (Same old format that doesn’t always make sense).

Although you will be granted an easy entry into the program with only #2,000 and the EPIN.

Then you make to your affiliate link, get it and start referring people through Facebook, Twitter, Blog reviews, Sponsored Ads, SEO and even Instagram shout out (If done well).

  • Refer people and make #1,000 each from any completed referral ( Hiwap Review )

This is what we all know about that you will refer people and get paid a cut of the amount they paid for registration but this is not the main catch here as the real deal is coming on in a jiffy.

You will earn %50 of #2,000 (1,000) when a direct referral registers with your affiliate link

You get 25% of #2,000 (#500) when a down-line registers anyone (Say you register A and A registers B you will earn #500 of B registration)

You can equally earn what is called a matching bonus anytime your referral completes their circle. This matching bonus is always (#200)

The sweet and most interesting part of this program is that you can make money without referring people and I know you must want to know how to do this which is why we will talk about it just right below;

  • How to make money on HIWAP (Health Is Wealth Affiliate Program) refer and earn program without referring people

You can make money here without referring anyone by just writing articles and submitting it to their platform.

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Once your article is approved, you will credited with #1,000.

  • So, how much is the withdrawal limit? ( Hiwap Review )

Here, the withdrawal limit is #5,000 and payment is made every Friday.

So, if you make good money from here, you should expect to receive alerts by every Friday in the week.

Sounds cool right?

Read on ( Hiwap Review )

Someone might be asking how to register with HIWAP (Health Is Wealth Affiliate Program) refer and earn program

Well, you need to do the first things first;

  • Visit their website @ Healthiswealth.ng
  • Go to register and click on it
  • Fill in your details
  • Click on submit
  • Go to your Email and activate your account through there
  • Once done, you will need to make a payment of #2,000 to any of the provided account numbers in the system and this is geared towards generating an EPIN for your account upgrade
  • After making payment, you will contact the admin with the whatsapp phone number to get your EPIn and upgrade your account.
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Just in case you do not know how to upgrade your account, here is a guide.

  • Login to your HIWAP (Health Is Wealth Affiliate Program) dashboard and head over finance
  • Choose upgrade membership
  • Type in your EPIN code there
  • Click on the redeem button

Thats all about the upgrade of accounts.

My verdict on the HIWAP (Health Is Wealth Affiliate Program) refer and earn program (Hiwap Review)

Notwithstanding the fact that I love the setup of this refer and earn program, I do wish to sound a note of warning to people not to invest in this program at least not yet, I know that #2,000 is quite low to loose but it is not to some people.

So I suggest you wait a little till you see payment proofs before joining and I can say that this program will not stay long to become as bad as NNU income program as it all started in the same fate.

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For those who wouldn’t heed my advise, rush out now and register for the program as it will stop working as it gets older.

I am not a prophet but that has been the process with these petty refer and earn programs in Nigeria and I do not see any reason why this would be an exception.

Wrap up (Hiwap Review)

To the make money on-line bloggers, I understand that you might need a way to fix in a little buck in your pocket but this will be to the detriment of your readers if you do not update them when anything goes wrong with the program so as not to keep you from your referral commissions and this is not a good business ethic.

Many people rely on us make money online bloggers to make their decisions about refer and earn programs.

I believe this Hiwap Review will put you to the right side with the decisions you might take on Hiwap.

I am a passionate blogger with the interest of helping new bloggers achieve their blogging careers. I have helped many people to establish their blogs through my experiences in blogging career.


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