Google Adsense Texts ads and image ads which one pays Adsense publishers more on CPC

Since google Adsense is a contextual ads network, it synchronizes the website niche, post topic and post content of a website post and serve ads according to the website post content. Google Adsense is unique through the serving of niche related ads to increase the conversion rate of the website visitors and increase income to the publisher.

Generally, google Adsense offer both text ads and image ads just like other ads network but as stated earlier, they are unique due to its text ads linkage to post content.

In this post, I shall tell you between text ads and image ads which one pays more per click.

Text ads

See photo:

These are ads which are written in conforming formats to suit the content of the website and also it is highly related to the post title which is simply a way to make visitors click on those ads as they seem very tempting to click. But on a several occasions visitors get annoyed when they click these ads and found out the content wasn’t what they thought, thereby reducing conversion rate and user interest in the ads. Generally, text ads are always bidden lower or smaller by google Adsense advertisers because of the poor features.

The image ads

See photo:

Let me quote google here “our advertisers pay higher on image ads because of how enriched the ads appear to be and its user value” This image ads do not basically refer to synchronized contents with the post title but the image ads offer a higher click rate from the website visitors due to the captivating images in which some are video images which changes in mili-seconds. The image ads unlike the text ads increases the user experience because what you see before you click is what you see after you click which in this manner motivates visitors to exert clicks on this image ads as they are confident enough that they will see what they want. A Nigerian website exists which shows only text ads but is still among the best websites in Nigeria. See:

You may check your website and know which ads attract more clicks to your website and from there you could draw a valueable conclusion on the ads type you use. You may drop your own comment if you think otherwise.

Warpping up

In general, google advertisers do pay higher on image ads than text ads considering the reasons stated above.

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