Enjeo Affiliate Review; Is Enjeo Scam or Legit? How to Register From Nigeria

Enjeo Affiliate Review; Is Enjeo Scam or Legit? How to Register From Nigeria and many other unsupported countries like Ghana and Ethiopia.

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Making money online is no joke and at the same time, it is not something you must not do as many people do sit down at home and believe that they could always make a good amount of money online and this is not in any way far from what the real truth is.

I have made several bucks online and as such, I would not see any reason to doubt the mindset of making money from home.

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Now, let’s get into the business of the day; Enjeo Affiliate review.

What is Enjeo Affiliate program? ( Enjeo Affiliate Review )

A few moments ago I was introduced by a friend to the Enjeo website that I could squeeze out some bucks from them but at first, I was being hesitant and this led me to the long time I stayed before I registered as a member of the affiliate and also try making some money from them.

I was first of the opinion that this is a scam program but I might have been wrong by the way.

Enjeo is considered a free Affiliate Program that allows people (In the USA only) to make money from referring friends and selling subscriptions to several digital products, of which this will not have to concern us by the way in this Enejo affiliate review.

I must say that there has never been any information about the owners of the Enejo affiliate platform and I plan to get to that but before then, oblige me to walk you through how to make good money on enejo for at least the time being.

The Enejo Affiliate company’s homepage doesn’t provide any information about the products they do sell and as such, you have to sign up first before you see the list.

But you will be spending only a buck.

A deeper dive into Enejo affiliate program

Enjeo affiliates offers a very lucrative affiliate program.

The Enejo affiliate program promised to give $5 for every qualified signup you get through your link in their new policy update which I was presented with the moment I signed up and made my $1 payment to them for the roadside jam affiliate.

We have equally seen Kidsearncash and many of these kind of programs that have the speed of light when it comes to spreading out like a flu over the internet and as well as the social media as a result of their referral programs and their compensation plan for that..

Enjeo affiliate program also promises to pay you 5% of all the revenue generated by your Affiliates.

There are many products on the Enejo affiliate page ad you will be getting 5% of these sales products from your downliner when they make any purchase.

How long does it take to get paid on Enejo Affiliate program as an affiliate

As an affiliate on Enejo Affiliate program, you get paid just after two business days after you make your first cash on registration.

There is no withdrawal button and there is no minimum withdrawal on Enejo affiliate program.

Simple criteria to become an Enejo affiliate participant

  • An Enejo Affiliate must be at least 18 years old, who has US SSN or EIN.
  • One account per person.
  • Must reside in the US.

But we will beat the slides for the Nigerian prospective clients who wished to register as Enejo Affiliate marketers.

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Just as I was logged in, I was presented with an update on the Enejo affiliate program which seemed to be somewhat different from what I have always seen and known before which is;

Enjeo Affiliate Recent Terms Update ( Enjeo Affiliate Review )

  • These terms are going to change on November 7th, 2019. You will receive only $5 for each new affiliate that signs up with our referral link and enrolls their first Customer.
  • If the customer stays for 30 days, you will receive additional $5.
  • The 5% residual income will be discontinued.

 Please note that these terms are still a subject to change anytime the Enejo Affiliate program owners deem fit.

How to signup on Enejo Affiliate program in Nigeria and make money referring people ( Enjeo Affiliate Review )

  • Get two emails

You will find out about this sooner but you will make sure you have two working email accounts to get started with so get them ready.

  • Get an Android or Apple device

Get yourself a good state and high RAM Android or Apple smartphone and get ready to lunch your income stream.

  • Get a VPN (Windscribe advised)

You can go ahead to get yourself a windscribe VPN for free and use this throughout the process and you wil still get paid at the end.

Click here and you’ll be taken to the signup form.

Here are what yo need to get started;

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Email address.

Note that you can make use of your normal name here to get started and also your normal Gmail specifically.

  • Provide more in-depth details

Here, you’ll be asked to create a;

  1. Password
  2. Provide the full street address and zip code (This is where you will have to use the Fakenamegenerator to generate a name and the street address you will use and also a random ZIP code)
  3. Bank account details (routing number and account number) to be used for future deposits (Here you will need a payoneer account for the transaction proper and you will provide the details of your USA bank to be paid into which can be found in the Payoneer account in universal payments)

Signup for a payoneer account here if you do not have one already.

when you make your first money on Enejo affiliate program, you will be automatically paid out as there are no options of withdraw and the payment goes into your direct bank account just as when due.

Which is always after two business days.

You will not receive any confirmation email upon signup o Enejo affiliate program but you will be taken to the Enejo dashboard almost immediately.

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At first I wasn’t at home with this fast movement but I kept going to see if I will get paid in the end.

Signup for a Mini Plan

When you click on the affiliate link, you will be redirected to their affiliate portal which can be any of their affiliates ad you will just have to spend $1 here.

You will be required to sign up with a different email address here and this is the essence of the first time I said get two email addresses available.

This way the system would think it’s not the same person who signed up with Enjeo initially in Step 1.

Use the same name generated by the Fakenamegenerator so as not to be noticed.

The idea is that Enjeo will count this as a product sale and you will be credited $10 for signing up a new Customer or prospect.

Another $10 will be added for a new affiliate referral (This is now yourself).

Now you should buy a mini road assistance plan and pay $1 with any credit card.

The plan will charge you $1 every week if you don’t cancel it so we advice you do not choose to make the plan be on steady subscription but switch off the green button immediately.

I used my FCMB bank card to make the purchase and so can you.

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You will be credited with an additional $1.25 for this product sale, making your total balance $21.25.

Get Paid for reals 

If you completed the first two steps as described, you can expect to see a credit in your bank account in about 2 business days.

At first, it will show up as a pending transaction. It should clear in a day or so.

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Here is my payment proof of payments;

Enjeo affiliate review

Enjeo affiliate program payment proof

Several of my friends have been paid by the Enjeo affiliate program and below are the proof to their different payments and how much they got paid here in Nigeria;


What to do to avoid constant weekly charges from Enjoe affiliate product you purchased

Once your payment is cleared and received in your bank or payoneer;

  1. Go back to the road assistance site
  2. Switch the button of the mini-program to “Off”
  3. Remove your credit card from the record (click on Edit and Delete)

Use mobile banking alerts to check your bank transactions in the upcoming weeks to be sure you are not charged anymore from Enjeo.

Now we made mention of the fact that many products will be listed when you visit the affiliate area of the Enjeo affiliate program and the products you will find there will be many ranging from;

  • ScCrsh.com
  • Scrshin.com
  • My3bBc.com
  • 3GldScr.com

And many more.

Here are the various plans you will be presented with to subscribe to and you can only be presented with only one out of all of these while trying to subscribe to a plan.

The Public Records Mini Plan

This mini-plan is supposed to provide you up to 10 public record reports per week in case you need to check someone’s background before meeting or hiring a new person.

The price is $1 per week as well and the affiliate commission up to $1.25.

The Realty Listing Mini Plan

The reality listing mini plan is supposed to provide the customer with tools to find real estate listings, promising to keep the records current and updated better than other sites.

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The same cost of $1 weekly, same up to $1.25 commission to the affiliate.

The Road Assistance Plans

This was the plan I was presented with…

Mini Road Assistance Plan includes 24/7 roadside towing (up to 5 miles only!), fuel delivery if you run out of gas, jump start for the engine, vehicle lockout, and flat tire change.

All this is limited to 1 case per year and costs $1 per week ($52 per year). Your affiliate commission can be up to $1.25 (not clear under what conditions it can be less than that).

Ultimate Road Assistance plan covers up to 3 claims per year and costs $9.95 per month (about $120per year).

If you sell this plan as an affiliate, your commission would be $20 one-time after 2 billing cycles.

This is the biggest earning plan for now.

The Credit Monitoring Mini Plan

Credit Monitoring service offers to monitor one credit profile and send alert notifications for activities like new credit inquiry, account closure, exceeding the credit limit, etc.

Same $1 cost and up to $1.25 commission again.

My verdict on these plans;

Many more programs could still be added in due course but for now, we will go with the above listed programs.

I was initially asked if there was any problems faced by these affiliate programs customers but I was told no as this was also introduced to me by someone who just got in but I will pride myself with finding out what really happened to the previous customers and if there was any bad records.

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I provided my credit card details upon purchase of the plans so I needed to know if anything was to be of the wrong side with my credit card.

And sure, I was able to dig out some scores of serious customer complaints and this really looked sad.

Enjeo Affiliate program customer complaints ( Enjeo Affiliate Review )

A group of persons have complained of unauthorized charges from their credit cards provided during purchase of the plans and this is not a good idea.

This is not a problem only a single person has gone through but a whole lot of people have gone through this problem and still counting.

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Here is the photo of a conversation with the Enjeo staff;

Enjeo affiliate review
Credit: Enjeo
Enjeo affiliate review
Credit: Enjeo
Enjeo affiliate review
Credit: BBB small

These above are all I have to say about the Enjeo Affiliate program.

Now lets look at the pros and cons of the Enjeo affiliate program and what we see as the good and the bad sides of Enjeo affiliate program.

Pros and cons of Enjeo affiliate program

Pros of Enjeo affiliate program
  • It’s a little less costly ($1) to join the affiliate program, at least for now
  • You get the first payment to your bank account in a couple of business days
  • Solid and responsive customer care
  • Current Affiliate program bonuses are very generous with a small input
Cons of Enjeo affiliate program
  • No email verification message to prove you actually authorized it
  • You cannot see the products before signing up with Enjeo affiliate program
  • Self referral which is not a good idea
  • Companies with bad repute offer services for sale here
  • Some of the products sold on enjeo can be seen somewhere else on the web for free
  • They are referral focused and not goals

Is Enjeo affiliate progam scam or legit?

Well, I wouldn’t know what you call scam or legit but I can assure you that Enjeo pays off for the first registration and the referrals for now but I will not vouch for later as I do not know what may happen and how it might all end.

Pyramid schemes do end their activity just as people are beginning to troop in too much and the reason for this is that they are always scam from day 1.

I will say that the Enjeo affiliate program is not a scam for now until otherwise proven and I will always update this post to show whenever the Enjeo affiliate program changed the way they worked.

How about someone who is already registered but doesn’t want to be charged too much for aftersells?

If you already joined Enjeo affiliate program but feel suspicious about their activities and you needed to shield yourself from scam and aftersells;

  • Remove your credit card from the websites that run the offers, like mini road assistance, etc. You may need to take screenshots of your request to remove the data fr reference purpose
  • Reach out to your bank and ask to block charges from any of these companies
  • Closely monitor your bank account for any unknown charges

These tips above may keep you safe.

Wrapping up on Enjeo Affiliate Review

I have worked with many make money online platforms such as Capterra and G2 and I can vouch for the two, meanwhile, I just got started with the Enjeo and I hope they will go well with many users.

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Go ahead and signup on Enjeo affiliate program here and get started.

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