How to Create Simple Infographics with the Free Tool DesignCap

How to Create Simple Infographics with the Free Tool DesignCap

Infographics are very popular, including on Pinterest, blog posts, and other places. They show facts easily and quickly and provide visually and attractively useful information. Because of the simplicity and the ease of being shared, photo graphics have great potential for virality than text only. Today, we will see how to use the free DesignCap Infographic Maker to design simple infographics that can help our business from an informative and advertising point of view.

The first thing we should do is open the DesignCap website. Registration is essential in most of the free online tools, but this is not the case with DesignCap. However, to get access to its cloud service, we’d better register an account with your email or login with Google account or Facebook account.

Once logged in, we can immediately start with the design of our infographic. We have two main options: start from scratch, which provides us with a blank canvas on which we will be adding elements to unleash our creativity or select templates to kick off. Then we can start adding and modifying elements with DesignCap editing tools.

Select a topic

We can choose a template to meet our infographic topic from the wide selection of pre-designed themes. Then change the information to complete the design, without the need to create the entire graphic suitable for each type of infographic. There is enough diversity to design an infographic with information about our business quickly.

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Add shapes and icons

We can add basic shapes (arrows, banners, speech bubbles, etc.) in solid and outlined types and also that we can change in size, color, and position by merely dragging with the mouse. It offers the ability to fill the solid shapes with photos as well.


DesignCap offers millions of icons online, which can be accessed by searching a target keyword or find one by going through each category.

Add photos

We can add photo objects from its online stock photos (all the images are available for free), although we also have the possibility to upload our own image files. As you move the objects around the canvas, guidelines for the object’s position appear, which are very useful to ensure that all the elements are well aligned.

Insert charts

How to create Infographics with DesignCap

DesignCap provides a series of charts for different types like line, table, bar, pie, etc. I love its dynamic map option. It will help me find a specific area with its name quickly. After deciding a chart type, you are allowed to import data from a spreadsheet directly.

Add text

How to create Infographics with DesignCap

The text would be one of the essential parts of an infographic. So add some text to convey what you want to your visitors. Then, adjust the font, color, size, style, and other properties of the text. To get a quick adjustment to the text, choose the preset style, and apply it to text.

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Quick arrangement for text and image

How to create Infographics with DesignCap

To help us get a quick arrangement to the text and image elements, DesignCap offers Module features. Here are many preset modules that already arrange text and different images together. We can choose one and change the text and image to get our design.

Set background

How to create Infographics with DesignCap

We have three options to set the backgrounds to the infographic design, color, preset patterns, and custom image. To set a customized image as the background, we need to get the image covered the canvas totally and adjust its opacity to fit it well in the canvas.

Save and share

After finishing our infographic, we can spread it out by sharing it directly on social networks or obtaining them as a link to share via email or on our website. We can also download it as an image file to the local folder or save it under our DesignCap account for later editing.

Sum up

As you can see, DesignCap is a very useful and quite simple free tool, with which we can obtain surprising results, if we dedicate the necessary time to it. In less than five minutes, you will create a simple and desired infographic. Besides, you can use DesignCap to make presentations, reports, social media graphics, and other photo graphics. Have a look:


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