Team Bulldozer; Here is The Truth About This Recent Income Program

Team Bulldozer; Here is The Truth About This most Recent Income Program in Nigeria and a detailed insight if this income program is worth your time or not.

Note: We wish to inform you that this is not the same Team Bulldozer that you get to pay #25,000 to become a member but this Team Bulldozer will only cost you a one time fee of #1,500.

Introduction To Team Bulldozer Income Program

Team Bulldozer Income Program is a sustainable side money making opportunity created by Team Bulldozer with the aim of giving Nigerians the privilege to easily raise huge capital for any long term business of their choice.

Team Bulldozer stakeholders had a deep thought and concluded that instead of looking for loan to startup any desired long term business, it is better to work smart and raise the capital by leveraging on a proven income generation system.

Starting any business with your own money gives one peace of mind and guarantees easy access to financial freedom and this is the inspiration behind the eruption of TBD Income Program.

in case you are new to Team Bulldozer , This is the income program not the normal team Bulldozer you Register with 25,000  , This one you Register with Just 1500 , Your can Read all you need to know about Team Bulldozer here.


  • Purchase a lifetime premium membership pack of N1,500
  • Earn 50 activity points any day you login to your dashboard
  • Get paid anytime you share sponsored contents to your social media timeline
  • Earn 200 activity points per each content you share to Facebook. You can share 1 to 4 sponsored contents daily
  • Get instant N1000 bonus for anyone you refer to grab this opportunity. That is N10,000 for convincing 10 persons to join TBD Income Program.. This is completely optional
  • All activity points are converted to naira while you get paid directly to your local bank account Note:  Referral bonuses are paid on a weekly basis while all activity points are paid on Weekly basis also once you reach the minimum of 2000 for activities and 3000 for Affiliate earning you can request for withdrawal and payment is every friday.

How To Register On Team Bulldozer income Program

Below Steps With Screenshot Is The Guideline On How To Register Successful And Get Your Account Activated Instantly, Before you Register Make Sure You Have Your Epin Code Ready Before Starting The Registration Process.

Team bulldozer sign up

This is a side to team bulldozer where you get to sign up.

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Just head to team bulldozer on google search and click on signup and there you have it.

How to get an Epin on Team Bulldozer

Firstly, you need to buy an Epin for your registration.

The Epin costs 1,500 which is one time registration.

Here are epin vendors below;

Vendors Name Phone Number WhatsApp Link
1 Christiana 07037568287 WhatsApp Me
2 Francisca 08136871995 WhatsApp Me
3 Alabi Sodiq 08189502506 WhatsApp Me
4 Marvelous 07066130719 WhatsApp Me
5 Ifeanyi 08134759219 WhatsApp Me
6 Ademola 07011332053 WhatsApp Me
7 Uzoma 08037859257 WhatsApp Me
8 Eziama 08100997268 WhatsApp Me
9 Uche 09068330750 WhatsApp Me
10 Mr. Andrew 08132200778 WhatsApp Me
11 Miracle 08182375847 WhatsApp Me
12 Michael 08035327117 WhatsApp Me
13 Philemon 08038169173 WhatsApp Me
14 Godfrey 09028417215 WhatsApp Me
15 Adebayo 08149354036 WhatsApp Me
16 Adetutu 07055196796 WhatsApp Me
17 Roseline 09033006213 WhatsApp Me


After Getting Your Epin Code, Click here To Start Your Registration and Make sure You Use Strong Browser Like Google Chrome Or Mozilla Firefox Browser.

How to become a stakeholder with Team Bulldozer

The easiest way to make money on Earth is by utilising the power of LEVERAGE, which is what Team Bulldozer is built upon. Even if you don’t know anything about the health sector, you can make some millions from the health sector and rise to the TOP by working with experts in the field of health, the process of working with these experts in order to rise to the TOP is called LEVERAGE. 

What is Team Bulldozer all about and how can I make some millions by becoming a stakeholder in Team Bulldozer? Go through the few paragraphs below and tap into this new 21st century oil well

Team Bulldozer Is A Group Of Resilient Marketers Who Have Assembled Under One Single Umbrella With The Common Goal Of “Bulldozing” Poverty And Sicknesses From Society, By Leveraging On Team Work Arrangement.

In Order To Achieve Our Goal, We Decided To Utilise An Unusual Business Idea That Helps One To Make Money While Knocking Out Diseases In The Process.

Below Are The Two Steps We Have Taken To Achieve Our GOAL And These Steps Are Already Pushing Us To Our Desired Destination

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Step 1

We Took The Bold Step To Strike A Partnership Deal With An Over 15 Year Old German Health Company Whose Products Has Facilitated The Freedom Of Many Humans From The Bondage Of  Different Chronic Diseases.

Step  2️

We Adopted A System In Which Everyone Can Be Carried Along Using A Teamwork Arrangement. A System Where A Novice Could Be Transformed Into A Guru Using The Power Of LEVERAGE.

A System Where Those That Can Not Fly Could Ride On The Wings Of Our High Flying Experts In Order To Get To The TOP

Below Are The Key Things You Need To Note About Making A Fortune On Team Bulldozer

1. You Can Make A Huge Fortune On  Weekly Basis Even Without Selling Our Products

2. Taking Advantage Of Our Products Is An Additional Benefit Among Other Great Deals

Below Are The 2 Problems We Have Solved Successfully Using Our Innovative Strategies

1. Recruiting

2. Selling

We Have Successfully Created A System That Can Assist You In Conquering The 2  Aforementioned Challenges. A Well Controlled System That Does 90% Of The Work For You With Your Own Little 10% Effort.

Here Is How You Can Quickly Key Into Our Proven System & Be Part Of This Great Family

✔️Grab Our Company’s Package That Gives You Access To Our Weekly Earning Binary Method Plus A Free Welcome Products Of N33,000 Which You Can Select Based On Choice And Other Goodies.

Below Is How To Get On Board And Enjoy All The Benefits Of Being  Part Of Us

✔️ You Are To Pay One-Time Registration Fee Of N25,000 Which Gives You The Following

➡ A Spot In Our Binary Tree Where You Could Be Earning Weekly Based On Our Team’s Growth. The Earning Has No Limit

➡Welcome Products Worth Of Over N33,000

➡Free Access To All Our Team’s Resources Including Training, Free Trips, Tangible Prizes & Awards Plus Other Mega Privileges.

➡ Become A Millionaire By Joining The Stakeholders Of The Team As A Serious Member

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Your Journey To Weekly Earning Commences Immediately The TEAM Places 2 Distributors Directly Under You On The Binary Tree And We Have Made The Process Faster Using Constant Promotion & Innovative Marketing Strategies

Some Of Our Achievements In Less Than A Month

➡We Have Been Able To Connect Over 700 Team Members To The Pool Of Endless  Weekly Credit Alert By Assigning Portfolios To Them

➡A Lot Of Persons Have Recovered From Several Diseases With The Aid Of Our Effective Products

➡ We Produced A Millionaire In Less Than A Month

➡We Have Successfully Trained Over 1000 Nigerians On How To Utilise The Power Of LEVERAGE. And Many More Achievements. Just Within A Month O And We Haven’t Even Started Fully

The Right Time To Get Started Is Now✍️

Link Up With Any Of The Top Admins Below On WhatsApp To Get Started Today And You Will Be Glad You Made This Decision




Team Bulldozer Payment proof

Well to some extent many people have testified to the fact that they actually got paid and I am not in any way disputing the fact but it may be true while it may not be true but either way, just thread with caution.

Wrapping up on Team Bulldozer

Team Buldozer Is legit and is paying, Don’t allow an opportunity To pass you, Take Action And Start Something  Profitable For Your Self.

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