Top 7 Adsense Paying Blogging Niches in Nigeria for Newbie Bloggers

Hint: have you ever experienced a CPC of $0.02 as a blogger and upon every fifty clicks you’re getting $1.00 as your revenue?

If this has ever happened to you then you need to narrow down the scope of your knowledge to the website niche in which you fall in.

(your website niche could be the greatest cause).

We have always spoken about going through with your passion when it comes to blogging and creating an online presence.

Yet we believe that starting up a blog isn’t just about what you feel in your heart or your mindset or your passion but it is alternatively about starting a blog in a niche that will pay you well.

We believe that several bloggers employ the services of google Adsense as the major monetization means for their respective websites.

In this effect, we have decided to run a thorough check on all the website niches round Nigeria and collectively decide which niche has the highest pay with Google Adsense.

Starting a website on a less paying niche, you will have a lesser income to account for other than when you started out your website in a good and high paying website niche.

This list we are about to write and as well explain gives a complete and a detailed guide on what niche should you establish your website in and also how much you can earn as a blogger in such niche.

Here is a comprehensive list of high paying blogging niche in Nigeria.

Download niche

This web niche concerns the download of certain materials like E-books, pdf files, and several other paperwork.

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Several local bloggers do not place their interest in this specific website niche but better still they used entertainment niche.

webmaster tutorial niche

This is a niche based on website tutorials and teachings.

Putting up what you know about the webmaster in a website should go to this niche as specified.

The basic keywords you use to search Google while searching kinds of stuff as a beginner blogger are all related to this website niche.

This specific website niche pays good with google Adsense and also offers a very vast search volume for its keywords all around the blogosphere as it is a must do for upcoming bloggers and pro bloggers to always search for things in the web.

Health niche

We could not need enough explanation in this specific niche but as a matter of fact, let us employ some specific explanations here.

Health niche is a very comfortable website niche for Nigerian bloggers which pays very very well with google Adsense.

Health niche concerns every part of good life, disease and cures, ailments and remedies and also health science news.

Insurance niche

This isn’t what we should be telling you and hoping it is the first time you are hearing it.

The insurance niche also pays bloggers in such niche very very well with Google Adsense.

The insurance niche deals with various types of insurance on goods, cars, health, and property insurance.

Google takes exception in this specified niche as a web visitor may buy insurance from their ads and you will get extremely paid as a publisher.

Education niche

Education niche is as well one of the best Google Adsense paying niches as it endorses a very long tail keyword.

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Education niche is also among the best paying website niche for Nigerian bloggers as its CPC (cost per click) on ads is relatively high.

Web Hosting Niche

If I am to say, I would suggest that this web niche is the best paying niche in Nigeria and also the blogosphere.

I once received a click on my ads on a web hosting plan I reviewed and I was paid $20.00 per click on my ads on the hosting review.

So far, this is my best CPC ever and I used this algorithm to judge other website niches.

If you wish to earn more using a niche website, I suggest you create a web hosting niche website and you can earn several dollars on every single click on ads.

Finance and banking niche

Banking and finance niche pays google Adsense publishers extremely as it is listed among the top Adsense paying niches in Nigerian for Nigerian bloggers.

If you had any background knowledge on banking and finance job, then you could open a niche website on banking and finance niche and you can earn very very well on CPC basis.

Wrap up

With the aforementioned website niches that pays very very well with Google Adsense in Nigeria, I suppose that the upcoming bloggers after reading this guide will find a better niche to venture into while starting their journey as bloggers.

These blogging niches mentioned above are the top blogging niches in Nigeria for newbie bloggers.

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